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We have to keep the momentum going." Guidelines: Keep it civil and on topic; no profanity, vulgarity, slurs or personal attacks.People who harass others or joke about tragedies will be blocked.At the same time, many blue states have rules that keep cities and suburban municipalities small and weak,” wrote Bruce Katz, scholar at the Brookings Institution and co-author of The Metropolitan Revolution.Government to Government Agreements The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation and Yolo County, Calif., recently approved an intergovernmental mitigation agreement that will provide the county and others more than 1 million for a range of public uses over the next 22 years."Sometimes the best approach is consolidation," Cronin said."Sometimes, there are reforms you can realize that stop short of consolidation." State Sen.

One of those mergers, the township and the borough of Princeton, New Jersey, which formed the Municipality of Princeton in 2013, realized about .3 million in savings in 2015. state-local preemption may also prevent local governments from making deals that consolidate or move resources across municipal silos.

The nation’s Tribal Council worked with an ad hoc subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors.

“The Tribe has been a great partner,” said Yolo County Board of Supervisors Chair Duane Chamberlain.

"We've created partnerships, economized, simplified and streamlined," said Cronin, adding that the Du Page Water Commission -- the location of Friday's news conference -- is one example of a once-troubled government entity becoming a success story.

Thanks to a state law approved in 2013, Du Page was able to dissolve a fire protection district and has the power to eliminate up to a dozen other units of local government.

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